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Meet our Staff


Fanny Hanson is Villa Vista’s Owner/Director and lead teacher. She is originally from Honduras and relocated to Spokane from Bakersfield California. She came to us with over 10 years experience working with children. Señora Hanson holds a teaching degree from Honduras and has completed the equivalency process for the U.S.  She has been with the school since 2005, the school is incredibly lucky to have her as she is a "natural" with kids and has taught her 3 children to be bi-lingual through the immersion process.


Laura Hamilton is Villa Vista’s founder. She is an Occupational Therapist and holds a Masters in Public Health. The idea to open up a language immersion school in Spokane grew out of her passion to experience other cultures and to teach her son a second language. Before coming to Spokane in 2007 Laura worked and lived all over the world doing humanitarian assistance for land mine victims and creating curriculums in Central America for detection and intervention of childhood disabilities. Laura grew up in Spokane and relocated back to the area to be close to family and friends.  Though Laura no longer works with the school, she does remain in close contact.


Mindy Hanson and Celeste Nevarez (Fanny's daughters) are also on staff, they are 100% Bilingual and multicultural as both were also born in Honduras.  They both have daughters who attend (or have attended) VVLA and are also bilingual.

If you would like to know more about us, please call 509-465-1631 or           us now to arrange a meeting.

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